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Free Science Coverage from Online Conference Partners

Posted 30 juin 2013, 03:38 , by Conference Secretariat

Two IAS partners, NAM and Clinical Care Options, are providing free scientific coverage of the conference. NAM, the official provider of online scientific reporting, is filing news stories on major scientific presentations and publishing a daily English-language electronic news bulletin that will be translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. To receive the bulletin, please sign-up here.

Clinical Care Options (CCO), the official online partner for scientific analysis, is providing summaries of key data and analyses by expert faculty during and after the conference. During the conference, CCO’s downloadable audio highlights will provide analyses of studies presented in selected oral sessions. Additional resources such as Expert Analyses and downloadable slides will be available after the conference. The CCO website is a free, international service. One-time free registration is required.

IAS 2011 in Rome: An exciting opportunity

Posted 21 juin 2013, 11:14 , by Guest

By Ranjita Biswas, India, IAS 2011 Media Scholarship Recipient

Earning a media scholarship to attend the 6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2011 ) in Rome, gave me an opportunity to interact with researchers, organizers, and most important of all, be privy to  the exciting news about Treatment as Prevention. As revealed at the IAS 2013, breaking news kind of information in the AIDS-related field, separate studies provided the first evidence that a daily oral dose of More...

IAS 2013 Media Training Session for Media Delegates

Posted 17 juin 2013, 10:51 , by Conference Secretariat

As was the case with previous editions of the IAS Conference, organizers will be holding a media training session prior to the IAS 2013 conference on Sunday 30 June, 10.00-12.00. Media training sessions form an important part of the pre-conference programme: the free event, open to all media delegates, is tailored to help participants get the most out of the conference, learn about the latest developments in HIV and hear from a range of speakers covering topics related to the conference. More...