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We’ve got the science, now implement it!

Posted 16 mai 2013, 11:02 , by Conference Leadership

By Adeeba Kamarulzaman, IAS 2013 Local Co-Chair

I have mixed emotions on this day, AIDS Memorial Day 2013. It always saddens me to remember the lives cut short by AIDS but at the same I think it is also an opportunity to take something positive out of the experience. The massive strides we’ve made in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic means that we now have the potential not to lose ANYONE young to AIDS. And the resurgence we are seeing in the science in the past three years certainly bodes well for exploring new ways of defeating the virus.

If only the reality on the ground reflected the potential. Yes we should always acknowledge how far we have come – we’ve put eight million people on antiretroviral treatment, an extraordinary feat given that there were only a few tens of thousands a decade ago. Deaths from AIDS related diseases have dropped by 25 per cent just over the past five years. More...