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IAS 2013: The Numbers

Posted 03 juillet 2013, 01:57 , by Conference Secretariat

Here are the final numbers for IAS 2013:

  • 5,220 participants 
  • 127 countries represented
  • 118 scholarship recipients (18 community scholarship recipients)
  • 183 volunteers
  • 2,131 abstracts submitted; 896 accepted
  • 71 sessions (39 non-abstract driven sessions, 32 abstract-driven sessions)
  • 9 plenary speeches
  • 35 exhibits
  • 17 satellite meetings
  • 7 scientific prizes and awards
  • 12,298 Facebook fans, 2,287+ #IAS2013 tweets and 20,000+ visits to (since Sunday, 30 June)

New WHO Guidelines - Commentary in JIAS

Posted 30 juin 2013, 06:45 , by Guest


Today, on 30 June 2013 the World Health Organization (WHO) has released its new Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention. The Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS) has published an accompanying commentary authored by Gottfried Hirnschall, Anthony D Harries, Philippa J Easterbrook, Meg C Doherty and Andrew Ball, who participated in the development of the guidelines. More...

Community Participants Discuss the Latest Science with the Experts

Posted 30 juin 2013, 05:16 , by Conference Secretariat

On Sunday 100 community and community-interested participants, 80% from Malaysia came together to discuss some of the conference hot topics with international scientists. Included in the subjects of discussion were the HIV cure and the next generation of drugs, comprehensive packaging of services for Key Affected Populations (KAPs), policy and legal reform to ensure universal access to services for KAPs, and Trans-Pacific Partnerships and Free Trade Treaties and strategies to ensure the continued access to generic HIV medicine in developing countries.

Interpretation into Malay enabled local community representatives to engage fully in the discussions. The Community Activist Liaisons were also introduced to the group and they explained their role in supporting peaceful, productive activism in the conference.

Free Science Coverage from Online Conference Partners

Posted 30 juin 2013, 03:38 , by Conference Secretariat

Two IAS partners, NAM and Clinical Care Options, are providing free scientific coverage of the conference. NAM, the official provider of online scientific reporting, is filing news stories on major scientific presentations and publishing a daily English-language electronic news bulletin that will be translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. To receive the bulletin, please sign-up here.

Clinical Care Options (CCO), the official online partner for scientific analysis, is providing summaries of key data and analyses by expert faculty during and after the conference. During the conference, CCO’s downloadable audio highlights will provide analyses of studies presented in selected oral sessions. Additional resources such as Expert Analyses and downloadable slides will be available after the conference. The CCO website is a free, international service. One-time free registration is required.