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Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV Discussed at IAS 2013 Satellite Session: "Beyond Option B Plus”

Posted 24 juin 2013, 08:51 , by Guest

By the International AIDS Society – Industry Liaison Forum (ILF)

Despite progresses in the prevention of vertical transmission of HIV, paediatric HIV still persists as a major plague, in particular in resource-limited settings. Option B+, the life-long initiation on antiretrovirals of all pregnant women, will certainly contribute to reducing vertical transmission, while also creating new challenges.

To further the reflexion on this topic, the International AIDS Society – Industry Liaison Forum (IAS-ILF) and UNICEF co-organize a satellite session entitled “Beyond Option B+” as part of the Programme of the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013).

This session will include an overview presentation entitled “Towards an AIDS-free generation” by Elaine J. Abrams (Columbia University, USA) as well as two panel discussions. The first panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing Option B+ and scaling up the prevention of vertical transmission. Whether Option B+ will really be simpler will be at the heart of the discussion. The second panel will look beyond prevention and will discuss the subject of children who are still getting infected. This topic will include paediatric diagnosis and care, highlighting novel methods to improve the health of infants and children, as well as of their mothers.

The two-hour satellite session will follow-up on the discussions held during the AIDS 2012 IAS-ILF co-organized satellite sessions. It will be co-chaired by Celia DC Christie-Samuels (University of the West Indies, Jamaica) and Craig McClure (UNICEF, USA) and will include participants from different horizons.

The Satellite Session “Beyond Option B+” will take place on Monday, 1 July from 7:00- 8:30 in Mini Room 3 of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

More information is available online: IAS-ILF website and through the IAS 2013 Programme-at-a-Glance (PAG).